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A few classic keynote themes to consider...


Emotional Intelligence in Today’s Workplace

As professionals, human skills are the most sought after skills in the workplace. They allow us to flourish through all circumstances, with all individuals, no matter the day, time, environment. This interactive sessions addresses the ever pressing questions "What is emotional intelligence, how do we get it, and why does it matter so much?" Every participant will walk away with a clear understanding of what emotional intelligence is and 2 EI strategies for their self-awareness and self-management.

Beyond the Bathtub - Boundaries for Wellbeing

Wellbeing often gets a bad rap seen by all too many as the softer sister to grit. Yet, wellbeing initiatives are a 3 trillion dollar industry! This keynote pumps the breaks on traditional wellbeing concepts and takes a huge step toward utilizing emotional intelligence for true strength behind wellbeing practices. The #1 practice? Boundaries. In this presentation the audience will actively engage in building their 'circles', discovering what's meaning and important to them, creating their life by design, and experiencing life altering AH HA moments that take them beyond the need for 'bathtub' soothing strategies. The skills the audience will be extracting? Self-actualization, Optimism, and Assertiveness.

The Extraordinary Impact of Empathy

Empathy or Empath? Do you know the difference? One is a personality trait and the other is an emotional intelligence skill. The skill, empathy, can be developed by any one at any age without needing to become more sensitive to others. This keynote turns myths of empathy on their heads and harnesses the power of relational skills in a way that will shock and awe in the best way possible. Every audience member will be able to actively integrate 1-3 empathy habits and strategies into their workplace relationships for big results to culture!

Emotional Fortitude and Peak Performance

We are all living in a time of fast pace, do it now, do it better, get to the finish line in the least amount of time, under budget, and with everyone smiling. Or at least we hope everyone can be smiling. The truth is, without emotional fortitude, we often don't cross the finish line and more often, lose people along the way. This far-reaching talk gets to the heart of how we develop emotional fortitude at any age and apply that directly to our performance capabilities while also building the bridge to how to influence the emotional fortitude and peak performance of others. All participants will walk away with 2-3 strategies for self-awareness and self-management competencies.

Leadership Excellence – Beyond the Title

Psychological safety is a buzz word used too often without understanding of exactly what it takes to establish a culture rich with trust. Every workplace, and every employee within that workplace, deeply desires an environment in which they can be authentic, capitalize on their skills, and be seen and heard. In this comprehensive session, every participant will hear what it's like to lead without a title; the characteristics of leadership excellence to influence anyone, anytime, anywhere. Each participant will leave this session with an understanding of the foundation of psychological safety from 3 pillars of emotional intelligence: empathy, assertiveness, and interpersonal relationships.

The TIGGER Effect - Building Resilience and Bouncing Back

Building resilience and bouncing back begins way back in the rearview mirror at emotional fortitude. The ability to be IN difficult and challenging emotions without crumbling. This keynote breaks through the myths of resilience being a personality trait and offers every audience member a glimpse into how they can actively elevate their emotional resilience, take risks, step TO and THROUGH challenges, and emerge on the other side with greater levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. By the end of this presentation, the audience will have taken a deep look inward, acknowledged their inner TIGGER and found the spark to tackle hard things. 

Ostrich Syndrome - When Leaders Fail

We might already know why change initiatives fail. Or do we? The ostrich is classically known to stick it's head in the sand as a means of avoiding what's going on around them. When this occurs, by leadership, change initiatives fail and we aren't talking about it nearly enough. Worse yet, we're not fixing it by enabling and empowering leaders to address their fears and skilling them to lean into the reality of what occurs during change. Resistance. Followed by dips in performance, chaos and uncertainty. This keynote utilizes the Kubler-Ross change curve as a backdrop to the scaffolding needed by leadership, to excel to and through change. Taking your head out of the sand and holding it high!

*Custom keynote presentations available.

Audience Applauding

"I recently had the pleasure of inviting Teresa Quinlan to speak at a Logistic conference focused on the crucial intersection of emotional intelligence, wellbeing, and performance. As the organizer, I am compelled to share my thoughts on Teresa's exceptional performance and delivery, as well as the overall experience of working with her. From the outset, Teresa demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter, and her expertise in emotional intelligence shone through every aspect of her presentation. The audience was captivated from the moment she took the stage, and her ability to seamlessly weave together insights on emotional intelligence, wellbeing, and performance was truly commendable.  One of the standout qualities of Teresa's performance was her engaging delivery style. She effortlessly connected with the audience, making the complex topic accessible and relatable to everyone present. Her use of real-life examples and anecdotes brought a human touch to the discussion, leaving a lasting impact on the attendees. It was evident that Teresa not only possesses a wealth of knowledge but also has a unique talent for effectively communicating and connecting with her audience.

In terms of planning and preparation, working with Teresa was a seamless and professional experience. Our meetings were marked by her proactive approach and keen attention to detail. Teresa demonstrated a clear understanding of the conference objectives, tailoring her presentation to meet the specific needs of our audience. Her ability to collaborate and adapt her content to align with our conference theme showcased a high level of professionalism.  The planning process was efficient, and Teresa remained flexible and open to feedback, ensuring that the final presentation exceeded our expectations. Her commitment to delivering value to the audience was evident in the meticulous preparation that went into every aspect of her talk.  Overall, Teresa proved to be an amazing speaker who not only possesses a profound understanding of emotional intelligence, wellbeing, and performance but also has a rare ability to engage and connect with diverse audiences. Working with her was a pleasure, and her professionalism, coupled with her passion for the subject matter, left a lasting impression on both myself and the conference attendees.  I wholeheartedly recommend Teresa as a speaker for any event seeking to explore the realms of emotional intelligence, wellbeing, and performance. Her expertise, coupled with her engaging presentation style, is sure to leave a lasting impact on any audience fortunate enough to experience her insights."


Manager/Deputy Chief, Logistics and Standards(A)

Oxford County Paramedic Services

"I had the utmost pleasure of working with Teresa as a keynote speaker for our National Conference.  Teresa was so great to work with leading up to the event and it was obvious that she put a lot of thought and effort into customizing her presentation for our specific group.  Her ability to connect with the audience on a personal level and deliver impactful insights truly set her apart.  She elevated the conference experience for our members and left a lasting impression.  Your attendees are in for a treat with Teresa Quinlan and I look forward to working with her again in the future!"


Event Manager
United States Swim School Association

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