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Executive Coaching

High performance begins with high-functioning. High functioning starts at the foundation of emotional intelligence. Executive coaching provides the space for EQ 360 views to enhance self-awareness, self-management, clarity in goals, decision making, empathy, relationships, innovation, and a space for deep exploration toward personal and professional success.

Leadership Coaching/Training

Leadership Excellence begins at the foundation of emotional intelligence. Create world class Leaders and Influencers that can take care of people while driving results; because it isn't either's AND.


Experience a LIVE talk on emotional intelligence and it's applications to: 

Wellbeing - Happiness - Self-Actualization and Fulfillment - Performance - Innovation - Team Work - Resiliency through Change and Uncertainty - Leadership Excellence - The Greatest Version of Yourself.

Organizational EI

Experience the dynamic nature of group learning through the EQ Challenges and/or Workshop experiences. Using the latest in positive psychology, EQ programs bring emotional intelligence to organizations and leverage the power of community toward greater performance.

EQi Assessments

Workplace - Leadership - 360 - Group



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