Executive Coaching

High performance begins with high-functioning. High functioning starts at the foundation of emotional intelligence. Executive coaching provides the space for EQ 360 views to enhance self-awareness, self-management, clarity in goals, decision making, empathy, relationships, innovation, and a space for deep exploration toward personal and professional success.

Corporate Coaching/Training

Leadership Excellence begins at the foundation of emotional intelligence. Create world class Leaders and Influencers that can take care of people while driving results; because it isn't either's AND.


Experience a LIVE talk on emotional intelligence and it's applications to: 

Wellbeing - Happiness - Self-Actualization and Fulfillment - Performance - Innovation - Team Work - Resiliency through Change and Uncertainty - Leadership Excellence - The Greatest Version of Yourself.

EQ Programs

Experience the dynamic nature of group learning through an app-based online learning program. Using the latest in positive psychology, EQ with TQ programs bring emotional intelligence to organizations and leverage the power of community toward greater performance.

EQi Assessments

Workplace - Leadership - 360 - Group



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