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The high-touch, concierge experience of Executive Coaching is about one thing; helping you find the resources within for sustainable transformation.

"I have easily seen how understanding and practicing emotional intelligence has been a benefit not only in my professional career, also in my personal life. All aspects of the program are applicable to every phase of life. I look forward to continuing this journey and am positive this program will continue to have a constructive impact on our entire company through stronger leadership and understanding of each other’s needs. This has easily been the best investment I've ever made."

Mark Marmo | CEO | Deep Well Services


Leadership Excellence is a commitment to better.

EQi assessment, real time debrief, and hands-on workshop experiences elevate emotional intelligence skills throughout leadership while supporting organizational strategy and goals.

CORE Workshop Experiences:

1. Team Work - Psychological Safety and Getting Things Done

2. Tough Conversations - Speaking Straight and Accountability

3. High Functioning and High Performing – The Wellbeing Pillars

4. Flourishing through Change and Uncertainty - Leading Self and Others

5. Emotional Fortitude and Resilience – Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

*CUSTOM workshop experiences available.

"It is often said that in order to manage others, we must first learn to manage ourselves.  Teresa’s wisdom, within the framework of the EQ-i curriculum, gave me insight into myself that has already paid huge dividends in both the personal and professional dimensions of my life."

Kevin Goold | Training and Development


Emotional quotient (EQ) is the measure of one's emotional intelligence through direct learning and application of EI skills. These EQ Programs reach a lot of people in a short amount of time, advancing Emotional Intelligence skills for large scale impact.

EQ Programs are 30-days and combine self-paced, asynchronous online learning with live MASTERCLASS sessions. Programs are designed with the latest in positive psychology and effective adult learning methods including:

  1. Daily gratitude, reflection and journaling

  2. Daily affirmation and mindset focus

  3. Coach-led exercises for self-discovery and skill development

  4. Coach-led practices for skill maturity

  5. Gamification to encourage healthy engagement through positive rewarding

  6. Social sharing to expand insights, improve communication and build connection

  7. Masterclass lessons to deepen the learning and extend applications to real life experiences


This program enlists the foundational skills in emotional intelligence: impulse control and emotional self-awareness. By expanding one's proficiency in these skills, individuals begin to master themselves, their emotions, and their impact on others which positively influences trust, psychological safety, motivation, and performance.


There is a direct relationship between emotional wellbeing and performance. This relationship is known to all of us as we recognize that when we are in emotions of un-wellness, we find it difficult to engage our intelligence, make wise decisions, control our impulses, think creatively, address difficult problems with sensitivity, hold others accountable, or enrich relationships. In states of un-wellness we also 'beat up' on ourselves, allowing internal narrative to be a harsh critic of ourselves, others, and circumstances. This program focuses on the 4 key emotional intelligence for wellbeing: self-regard, self-actualization, interpersonal relationships, and optimism. By elevating proficiency in these skills, individuals learn how to actively create emotional wellbeing which directly leads to optimal performance; freeing up the individual to access their intellect, attributes, and skills.


Empathy is highly sought after for cultures of psychological safety. It is within these environments that individuals do their best work as they are free from the repercussions of a lack of trust...fear. Under the influence of fear, individuals, teams, and organizations fall victim to blame rather than solutions, shame rather than confidence, sabotage rather than teaming, avoidance rather than accountability. This program focuses specifically on deep development of the skill of Empathy and it's emotional intelligence partners: emotional self-awareness, reality testing, and emotional expression.

“The 30-day program facilitated by Teresa Quinlan was an excellent experience that has had a deep impact on my life and will continue to for years to come. Learning more about emotional intelligence and gaining an awareness of how my emotions are impacted each day was very powerful. From this challenge, I came away with a journaling routine that has added great value to my life already, and a deeper understanding of what is working, what isn't, and what I can do to course correct to live a life filled with joy. 
Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your knowledge with us. I highly recommend this program!” 
Stephanie Coleman | Marketing and Business Development Manager
Building Knowledge Canada


Bring Emotional Intelligence to life with a high energy and dynamic presentation, speaking engagement, or webinar.


Emotional Intelligence in Today’s Workplace

As professionals, human skills are the most sought after skills in the workplace. They allow us to flourish through all circumstances, with all individuals, no matter the day, time, environment. This interactive sessions addresses the ever pressing questions "What is emotional intelligence, how do we get it, and why does it matter so much?" Every participant will walk away with a clear understanding of what emotional intelligence is and 2 EI strategies for their self-awareness and self-management.

Emotional Fortitude and High Performance

We are all living in a time of fast pace, do it now, do it better, get to the finish line in the least amount of time, under budget, and with everyone smiling. Or at least we hope everyone can be smiling. The truth is, without emotional fortitude, we often don't cross the finish line and more often, lose people along the way. This far-reaching talk by Teresa Quinlan gets to the heart of how we develop emotional fortitude at any age and apply that directly to our performance capabilities. Furthermore, this talk taps into the power of emotional intelligence to lead others; the most important skill to navigating the every-changing landscape of people. All participants will walk away with 2-3 strategies for stress management, self-actualization, empathy, and flexibility to enhance their emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.

Leadership Excellence – Beyond the Title

Psychological safety is a buzz word used too often without understanding of exactly what it takes to establish a culture rich with trust. Every workplace, and every employee within that workplace, deeply desires an environment in which they can be authentic, capitalize on their skills, and be seen and heard. In this comprehensive session, every participant will hear what it's like to lead without a title; the characteristics of leadership excellence to influence anyone, anytime, anywhere. Each participant will leave this session with an understanding of the foundation of psychological safety from 3 pillars of emotional intelligence: empathy, assertiveness, and interpersonal relationships.

*Custom keynote presentations available.

"We asked Teresa to give a Lunch and Learn presentation on the basic tenets of EQ to our company. We weren't sure what to expect or how useful it would be for us but as soon as Teresa and I connected, we knew it would be worthwhile. We learned many valuable tools that we will most certainly utilize going forward. Teresa offers incredible value with her speaking presentations and if you're looking for someone to help your team with EQ, I would highly recommend Teresa. She is personable, approachable, honest and very down to earth. A wonderful presenter for any type of work environment and/or team."


​Hacksmith Industries

Listen as Teresa answers a question from a Leadership Workshop for BILD Association.

The Question: How do we avoid slipping back into bad habits?

Pete Fleming.jpg

Teresa is fantastic! She has such a powerful yet calming presence. Teresa has an inspiring way of helping others understand the importance of emotional intelligence and how we can immediately begin taking steps towards personal improvement.


Teresa has been a guest speaker for our product training academy twice now and has an open invitation to come back any time. Our students always rave about her sessions and have shared some wonderful stories about how they’ve brought those learnings back to their own teams and the positive impact that has had within their organizations.

Pete Fleming

Principal, Product Practice

Head of Product Academy, Three Bridge


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