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Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the differentiator in leadership that accounts for the 68% gap between leaders with it and leaders without it. 68% improved performance because of strong skills in:

  • Self-awareness and Self-mastery

  • Stress tolerance and Resilience

  • Social-relational Aptitude

  • Empathy and Independence

  • Assertiveness and Accountability for Performance Management

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving through Critical Thinking

The EQ360 provides a 360 degree view of a leaders performance highlighting shared agreement of emotional intelligence, and gaps in self-awareness that need to be closed in order to excel.

Leadership Coaching can be a 1:1 or team experience, or both, harnessing the psychological safety of a private environment and the cultural impact of a team learning a shared language and workign toward a common goal.

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I am 20 years a trailblazer, evolving leadership training that goes beyond the cookie-cutter leadership development programs, and entering into lEQdership. This begins with a strong foundation that includes the EQi-2.0 assessment tool and a robust individualized debrief session, highlight strengths in emotional intelligence that need to be leveraged and digging deeply into weaknesses that must be developed for excellence as a leader.

Not only will participants lead with better human skills resulting in improved organizational culture that increases employee engagement, retention, loyalty, and productivity, but participants will also benefit in their life overall – their personal competencies for a rich and enjoyable life.

More than ever, and into the future, emotional intelligence skills are the differentiator between good to great. They are the foundational skills essential to empowering leaders to soar and bring everyone else with them.

This 14-week program combines the ultimate in leadership excellence: 360 feedback, emotional intelligence skill building and it's applications to leadership responsibilities and competencies.


Week 1: EQi 360 assessment and private debrief

Week 2: Group Emotional Intelligence Profile debrief

Week 3&4: Self-Awareness and Leadership Presence

Week 5&6: Resilience and Stress Management for Performance

Week 7&8: Influential Empathy

Week 9&10: Communication and Assertive Impact

Week 11&12: Authenticity and Relationships

Week 13: Leading Change

Week 14: Performance and Team Output

The application of emotional intelligence skill development is to the following leadership responsibilities and competencies (to highlight a few):

- Change Leadership

- Onboarding, Expectations, and Accountability to Performance

- Difficult Conversations; Managing Conflict

- Building Highly Effective, Diverse, and Inclusive Teams

- Culture and the Art of Behaviour/Performance Management

- Giving Effective and Influential Feedback

- Communication and Driving Results

- Psychological Safety and Innovation

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