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The high-touch, concierge experience of Executive Coaching is about one thing; helping you find the resources within for sustainable transformation.

Executive Excellence is a pioneering coaching experience blending emotional intelligence and leadership skills for optimized Executive presence, influence, and impact in a judgement-free space that challenges you to stretch your limits.


With or without a title, every professional needs to lead with confidence and competence. Professional Excellence begins with a 360EQ assessment to identify blind spots and then digs into skill development that is directly applicable to real life challenges. Learn to soar within your strengths and close blind spots that are hindering your next professional advancement.


Start your Executive career on the right foot by laying a stronger foundation of emotional intelligence, Executive presence, and leadership excellence skills. Executive Foundations focuses on building yourself into a better leader through unshakeable self-awareness, inspiring people leadership, and a judgement-free space to work through the toughest challenges and generate new, inspired thinking.


Professional Foundations focuses on laying the groundwork for exceptional performance through skill development in self-awareness, stress tolerance and resilience, change management, people leadership, conflict management, and communication. This coaching experience is a blend of real-time challenges dissected and solved through the acquisition of generated ideas and skill development.

What My Clients Say

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I have easily seen how understanding and practicing emotional intelligence has been a benefit not only in my professional career, also in my personal life. All aspects of the program are applicable to every phase of life. I look forward to continuing this journey and am positive this program will continue to have a constructive impact on our entire company through stronger leadership and understanding of each other’s needs. This has easily been the best investment I've ever made.

The Executive Challenge

This 12 week program has a straight focus on the growth and application of emotional intelligence skills to Executive Excellence, Presence, Influence, Impact, Insight, and Innovation.


Request the challenge for your Executive Team or join a global challenge with Executives from around the world.


Week 1: EQi Leadership assessment and private debrief

Week 2 & 3: Self-Awareness and Executive Presence

Week 4 & 5: Resilience and Stress Management for Performance

Week 6 & 7: Influential Empathy

Week 8 & 9: Communication and Assertive Impact

Week 10 & 11: Authenticity and Relationships

Week 12: Reflection, Networking, and Celebration


Engagement in daily POWER habits known for performance excellence: inspiration, intention, reflection, and gratitude.

Learning of weekly content themes in a blended approach: online lessons and coach tips (video-based), virtual/just in time coaching (social wall, email, text, Marco Polo), and live mastermind masterclasses (Zoom meeting).

Collective gain through social engagement with like-minded leaders; sharing experiences, experiments, wins, struggles, and solutions. Harnessing the power of the collective.

Cutting edge, leading practices in application of emotional intelligence skills for immediate improvement to desired outcomes.

Real time. Real life. Real results.

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