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The foundation of emotional intelligence is your emotional self-awareness. Why is that?

You can't manage what you aren't aware of. So to master the self, you first must be aware of yourself.

This mini-course includes a comprehensive workbook and 5 accompanying videos providing you with guided lessons to develop the foundation of your emotional intelligence skills.

You will learn:

1 - BFIT - a proven methodology, that when practiced regularly, leads to heightened awareness of how your body signals you to pay attention to your emotions, sharpens your understanding of your emotional signals, leads you through curious inquiry for objective assessment of what you are feeling, and guides you toward your own wisdom for doing differently.

2 - The Emotion Bullseye - a robust emotion language ensures you develop the skills to discern the nuances of your emotions. No more encompassing emotions under 'happy, sad, pissed'. Getting accurate enables you to be objective about your emotions and therefore able to temper your reactions.

3 - The Iceberg - learn your unique ingredients and recipe for how you create your emotional experiences. This is one of the most fascinating lessons within emotional self-awareness and always a crowd pleaser.

4 - Values Awareness - discover your core values and their relationship to your emotional 'disruptions' whether those disruptions are unpleasant/negative/violent/silent or those disruptions are pleasant/positive. Learn how to identify the appearance of your values and how to communicate them to the people that are most important to you.

5 - Attributes Awareness - the final piece of your emotional self-awareness is understanding your self-perception; the relationship you have with yourself. This lesson engages you in a life timeline exercise to discovery of your strengths and weaknesses that you've been using your whole life - often without awareness of how these impact your emotional climate.


Take your time to navigate each of the pieces of this mini-course, completing a lesson and it's corresponding worksheet every week until you've completed the entire course.

Give yourself the time to complete each lesson and apply it over the course of 7 days prior to adding the next lesson (the next layer of discovery and awareness).

This mini-course takes approximately 4-6 to complete.


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