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CONFIDENCE and SELF-ASSUREDNESS: The Self-Perception Realm



Excluding GST/HST







These are the traits of the emotionally intelligent that have invested in developing their self-perception realm.

Three skills: emotional self-awareness lays the foundation while self-actualization stretches our strengths, and self-regard boosts the objective narrative of what we believe about ourselves.


Developing this realm brings you light and life into every step you take.

You become the one who lights up the room.

You become the one who lives each day fully and completely with meaning and purpose and fulfillment.

You become the one who commands a room with humility and strength.

You become the one who rises with intention to greet the day with motivation and passion.

You become the one who ends the day with contentment for having done your best.

You become the one who is a beacon that others are inspired by and aspire to be like.


This guided program includes a workbook designed specifically for your self-discovery through impactful exercises and practices for your skill development. By me. For you.


The best exercises and practices to strengthen your emotional intelligence skills with consistent practice from the first day you engage in this program.


9 GUIDED lessons take you from page 1 through page 27 totalling 62 minutes of coach led insights, instructions, and challenges.


Today marks a great day - your investment into yourself.


When you purchase this workbook, you will gain access to a PRIVATE playlist on YouTube containing all 9 Coach-Led videos.

Thank you for respecting that these have been created specifically for you because of your investment into yourself. Do not share these materials.


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