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This 42-day program is dedicated to emotional intelligence for leadership; building the #1 sought after Leadership skills! Program period: March 7 through April 24, 2022.

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Mar. 07, 2022, 11:00 a.m. EST
Online Program APP and Zoom

About the event

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders outperform their peers by 68% because of their EQ skills (their emotional quotient).

These skills, the #1 sought after skills by all employers, are proven to contribute to leadership that is capable of:

1. Being aware of their emotions and having powerful strategies to manage them.

2. Being aware of others emotions and knowing how to inspire others to exceptional performance.

3. Being able to influence the best performance in others by developing mutually satisfying relationships on the foundation of trust and compassion.

4. Being able to navigate difficult conversations with skill and successfully resolve conflict.

5. Being able to communicate to inspire others to action.

6. Being capable of making tough decisions while remaining flexible and adaptable.

Within emotional intelligence, there are skills that contribute directly to Leadership Excellence. 

In this 42-day program you will be building these skills through exercises and practices every week. 

You will create habits and practices that result in noticeable changes to how you lead yourself and especially how you lead others. 

You will have a community of leaders to support and learn from.

You will have weekly Masterclasses to dig deeper into your skill development and discuss how to best execute on your skills I.R.L (in real life!).

From a leader that may be just getting by, to a leader that is flourishing and thriving, to an emerging leader, to a leader with a number of years experience, this program elevates your emotional intelligence skills toward becoming a more impactful, effective, and cherished leader. 

Your minimum commitment for this program is the power of 5: 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

ON YOUR OWN TIME...AT YOUR OWN PACE. When you want. Where you want.

However, excellence asks of you to give a little bit more than the minimum.

20-30 minutes daily of intentional focus on your emotional intelligence skills ON THE JOB.


What you will learn within this program you will apply directly to your daily responsibilities in leadership.

Week 1 - Authenticity. Who am I? How do I create my experiences? How are my emotions impacting myself and others?

Week 2 - Coaching. How can I have an influence on others to elevate their performance to heights even they weren't aware of?

Week 3 - Insight. How to articulate emotions as data rather than directives for more insightful and inspiring communications AND command esteem from others.

Week 4 - Innovation. Learn to create groups and teams that work dynamically together while putting an end to bickering, one-upping, unhealthy competition, and lack of trust so that you and your team can thrive together.

Week 5 - Empathy and Assertiveness. Balancing these two skills to excel at holding others accountable to performance.

Week 6 - Impulse Control and Independence. Avoiding rash decision making and indecision by knowing when and how to seek counsel from others and claim responsibility for decisions made.

This program is a combination of learning:

ASYNCHRONOUS - online learning, IN AN APP-BASED PLATFORM, to complete at your pace throughout 42 days 


SYNCHRONOUS - weekly Masterclass lessons every Thursday from 11am-12pm EST.


Onboarding is Monday February 28th through Sunday March 6th.

Program is live on Monday March 7th.

Masterclass lessons are at 11am-12pm EST Thursday March 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, April 7th and 14th.

*Masterclass lessons will be recorded and distributed for if unable to attend.

Program CELEBRATION CEREMONY is on Thursday April 21st from 11:30am-12:00pm EST.

*The CELEBRATION ceremony is optional to attend.

Program ends on Sunday April 24th.


The MASTERCLASS sessions are live via ZOOM.  This is where you receive group coaching to deepen the learning experience and ask your specific questions to customize the experience to the reality of what you are experiencing every day in Leadership (and life!).

You will receive invitations to the Masterclass sessions for your calendar directly from

  • EQ for Leadership Program
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    +$77.35 HST
    +$16.81 Service fee

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