I had the opportunity to meet Teresa over coffee and very soon I felt a strong environment of trust was being formed.  In a follow up session, I shared my Emotional Intelligence assessment that had been collecting dust for 2 years.  I had completed it but not really acted on a number of the recommendations that came with the report.  The questions she asked in the friendly, trusting environment allowed me to do a deep dive into my personal experiences.  I quickly realized that it is only when you share your experiences with someone as skilled in Emotional Intelligence coaching as Teresa, does meaningful change happen.


Through Teresa’s encouragement, I was able to debate some long-held thoughts and beliefs and discard / resolve them.  Also, I am more aware of my emotions, especially the ones that had been tripping me up in my career.

I am charting a new career path in the coming weeks.  With the coaching I received, and will continue to receive from Teresa, I have 100% confidence that I will do well and will add even greater value to my clients and the organization I will serve.

Bryan Huck

CPA, CGA, Owner – Your Strategy Navigator

"If you are looking for professional or self development, you found your woman. Teresa is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Emotional Intelligence awareness and coaching, and overall coaching and strategic thinking for yourself as both a professional, and person. She has helped me in many steps: doing a fantastic initial meeting to debrief my scores around Emotional Intelligence, follow up appointments to ensure I am aware of what is working well and talk through potential gaps or road blocks, and checkins to make sure I’m keeping things front of mind and setting specific goals for improvement.

If you are looking to take your potential to the next level, I would highly recommend Teresa."

Nicole Hansom

Learning Professional

"Teresa Quinlan, the founder of IQ+EQ=TQ takes an extremely positive, thoughtful and fact based approach to her work. As a leader she truly listens and absorbs, then coaches and trains to the strengths and personalities in the room.

Her very planful and organized behaviors make her a true success and ahead of the curve when it comes to her own emotional intelligence.


Teresa is not only a wealth of knowledge, she is fun, engaging and truly inspiring. A true master at what she does."

Shelly Taylor

District Manager, Starbucks Canada

I work in a performance-based job where the decisions of my team and myself directly impact the profitability of my company. After years of running a successful business, I found myself constantly reminding my team of the value of investing in yourself.


Reading, podcasts, seminars and courses were already part of my routine so I wanted to work with a professional who wouldn’t tip toe around but instead challenge me to build my emotional intelligence.


I couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to work with TQ, whether it be work performance, personal and family growth or social events, emotional intelligence has had such an important role in my personal development. 

Wes Bilinksy, Fitness Manager and EQi Client


Teresa's high energy allows her to be a great speaker and an extremely engaging workshop facilitator.  I have seen her deliver multiple workshops and presentations to senior executives where her strength as a trainer truly shined through.  


I would not hesitate in calling her an expert at delivering workshops to both small and large groups.   

Curtis Hamilton, CEO & Principal Consultant, Nimbly Training and Consulting

Teresa shines is many aspects professionally but none more than when she leads a room full of learners.  Teresa's facilitation and presentation skills are some of the best I have seen.  Her ability to engage the participants, keep the pace, and encourage ah-ha moments is something to be seen!

I would recommend Teresa for any learning or speaking event.

Kelly Holden

Learning Professional | Facilitator | Developer

FESTI - Fire Services

I have always admired Teresa, not only as a friend but also as an indirect life coach. When a problem, concern or situation arises in my personal or professional life Teresa is always the first person I turn to.

Teresa makes me think deeper about things; she brings me down to earth and helps me approach situations in a realistic and professional manner. Recently I have strived for more in my professional career and I have relied heavily on Teresa’s knowledge to help guide me in the right direction.

I can honestly say that it is because of Teresa’s coaching and inspiring approach to life that I have pushed my self further and because of this, have recently been given the opportunity to act as a temporary supervisor within my current workplace. I believe that our numerous conversations about emotional intelligence and her shear knowledge on the topic has helped me work through many challenging situations. She has taught me to always remain professional, civilized and approachable. I believe that this has played a key role in my direct supervisor and manager seeing me as someone who is worth investing in.

Thank you Teresa for always helping me to bring a calm and rational approach to life, and for your inspiring and positive attitude!

Jen Geddes, Supervisor Cambridge Community Alzheimer Program

lunch and learn

We asked Teresa to come in to give a Lunch and Learn presentation on the basic tenets of EQ to our company.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect or how useful it would be for us but as soon as Teresa and I connected via phone, I knew it would be worthwhile to have her come and speak to our team. Even in the brief time that she was here, we learned many valuable tools that we will most certainly utilize going forward. Personally, I've been in counselling for about 7 years and much of Teresa's presentation included skills that I've learned through years of one-on-one counselling. It reinforced the belief that Teresa offers incredible value with her presentations and workshops.

If you're looking for someone to help your team with EQ, I would highly recommend Teresa. She is personable, approachable, honest and very down to earth. A wonderful presenter for any type of work environment and/or team. 

- Allayna, Hacksmith Industries