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How I Help Organizations

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Executive EQ 360

1:1 Coaching and Development

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Leadership Excellence through Emotional Intelligence



Teams, Employee Workshops, and Speaking Engagements

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Recruit, Select, Train, Performance Management, Succession and more

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How I Help Individuals 

Shu/ha/ri is a Japanese martial art concept which describes the stages of learning to mastery.

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The Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence

The fundamentals of emotional intelligence consists of 2 key components:

Self Awareness

Self Management

We work together on 6 key EQ skills to lay the foundation for greater understanding of your emotions, your triggers, your values and beliefs, your personality, what's meaningful and important to you, and how to regulate your emotions so that you have a greater sense of well-being and balance.

4 months, 12 sessions

$4.080 + tax

New Growth



Personal Expansion of Emotional Intelligence

Personal expansion moves beyond the fundamentals and into challenging behaviours to be consistent across all situations, environments, and people.

Within personal expansion are skills developed in empathy and assertiveness, independence and personal responsibility, decision making, impulse control, and adaptation.

Maturity in EQ skills leads to greater levels of personal performance in all areas of life.

8 months, 20 sessions

$6,800 + tax

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Mastery of Emotional Intelligence

The caterpillar emerges as the butterfly in personal transformation.

This is an evolution of the self, with mastery in emotional intelligence across all spectrum of emotional experiences and within all skills.

Transformation results in a life by design with purpose and meaning at it's center.

EQ skills become integrated into the self as simply part of who and how you are.

12 months, 28 sessions

$9,520 + tax