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Leave no one behind

Greek philosopher Aristotle, wrote...

The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

An emotionally intelligent organization infuses the skills of emotional intelligence across people, teams, and departments, because the total effectiveness of a company, each person and department interacting with one another, is greater than their effectiveness when acting in isolation.

Emotional intelligence is not a skill set reserved for leadership but rather is required by all. We ACHIEVE ORGANIZATIONAL GREATNESS together.



Your ability to inspire confidence that you are a leader to be followed, you are capable, reliable, and have the potential for great achievements.



Emotionally intelligent leaders demonstrate proficiency in 4 key areas: Authenticity, Coaching, Insight, and Innovation.



Every individual is responsible for reaching their peak performance and this cannot be done without developing one's EQ - Emotional Quotient.


Every organization is as unique as the people that create it's culture, the industry it is part of, the customers it seeks to service, the products it builds, and the impact it aims to make. As such, how we build YOUR emotionally intelligent organization will be unique to you. Customized for your desired results. Focused on resolving your pain points. CONTACT ME for our discovery call.


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Emotional intelligence is something that I never thought as being important in business or as an important leadership skill. I discovered Teresa and her IQ+EQ=TQ program via LinkedIn and quickly realized it was a tool that would be a great benefit for the current and emerging leaders in my company.

A select group of front-line leaders were chosen to participate in this program and immediately saw the advantages of immersing themselves in the core concepts and diving into their own weaknesses. Group discussions allowed these individuals to work collaboratively with their colleagues to know they are not along with some weaknesses, provide support for each other as they developed their skills, and to communicate in a common language. Individual coaching sessions provided an opportunity to share specific topics and issues where Teresa provided insight and guided the leaders toward the best way to handle tough situations through EI skill development. I have seen a marked improvement in all those who participate and the enhancement in the teamwork and supporting each other is very encouraging. Trust, respect and company culture have all been positively impacted as a result of Teresa’s leadership and her IQ+EQ=TQ programs.

Based on the success of the group, I knew it would be important to expand this learning to the Executive leadership team, including myself. Having just started the program individually, I was excited to see how the whole experience opens you up to things you may not have known about yourself. I can easily see how understanding and practicing emotional intelligence will be a benefit not only in my professional career, also in my personal life. All aspects of the program are applicable to every phase of life. I am looking forward to continuing this journey and am positive this program will continue to have a constructive impact on our entire company through stronger leadership and understanding of each other’s needs.

Kudos to Teresa for development this progressive and impactful program.


When our head of Human Resources, along with two members of our Executive Team, recommended we engage with Teresa Quinlan for Emotional Intelligence development, I didn’t know quite what to expect. Our first meeting with Teresa, brought a presentation on the ins and outs of emotional intelligence and its value to us as individuals, for the people we are leading, for our teams and the company.

In my first 1:1 session with Teresa, she asked for my goals, and set the stage for how we would go about, together, achieving those goals; through examination of my current behaviours, beliefs, habits, and use of my emotional information. Over the course of 3 months I have noticed some distinct results in both myself and in the Executive team.

First and foremost, I have become more emotionally stable and aware; I am more connected to my emotional triggers and am able to self-regulate at a greater level. I have been speaking up, using my skills in assertiveness, and contributing in a more sophisticated and influential way while also learning to balance that with my skills in empathy and seeking greater understanding in others – their emotions and beliefs.

Secondly, as a group of Executives, our meetings have become a lot easier to have. Individuals have stopped yelling and behaving poorly, others have learned to communicate more clearly and appropriately. We have been able to accomplish more in less time, with greater outcomes, and improved relationships.