EQ Assessment and Coaching

The EQi-2.0 assessment is the most widely used assessment for emotional intelligence. It is owned by MHS – Multi-Health Systems – who ensure EQi Coaches complete a rigorous certification process.

Whether you are an Executive, a Leader/Manager, or an individual contributor knowing your EQi profile provides you the baseline for development. It identifies your strengths and your weaknesses, highlighting critical areas to develop in emotional intelligence that are derailing your success.

1:1 Coaching includes your EQi-2.0 Assessment, Debrief session, and customized development for 2 to 6 months.

Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence through Emotional Intelligence is a combination of Group and 1:1 Development. This program is intended for any sized company invested in their leadership development. 

Each program is a minimum of 10 Leaders to a maximum of 20 and can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

Each individual receives their EQi assessment and debrief plus ongoing 1:1 coaching sessions that alternate with Group Training on relevant Leadership topics.


Select the Tier...

Tier 1: 8 weeks 

Tier 2: 12 weeks 

Tier 3: 16 weeks 

Select the Leadership Topics for the Group Training:

  1. Leadership Philosophy, Management Styles and Authenticity.

  2. Time Management, Prioritization and Productivity.

  3. Coaching, Giving and Receiving Feedback.

  4. Building Relationships and Setting Expectations.

  5. Accountability and Difficult Conversations.

  6. Building High Performing and Dynamic Teams.

  7. Decision Making and Problem Solving.

  8. Communication and Insight.

  9. Stress Management.

Speaking Engagements

Emotional Intelligence is a dynamic topic and I am a dynamic and experienced speaker. I have so much passion for this topic and it oozes from me when I speak of it with other people.

From monthly meetings, to lunch and learns, to conferences, to professional development days, to keynote addresses, a speaking engagement brings emotional intelligence into the environment in a way that is exciting, safe and thought-provoking for everyone.

Speaking engagements can be customized for any length of time, for any group of people, and for any desired outcome.


Consulting services are focused on helping you interpret your performance outcomes, analyze your employee data, and navigate your pain points, to collaboratively create solutions that get results in these areas:

  1. Attracting top talent

  2. Retaining top talent

  3. Employee engagement and performance

  4. Succession planning

  5. Leadership development


I will work with dedicated members of your organization to provide consultation to current processes, procedures, and programs, while your people execute on implementation.

Building Dynamic Teams

Team development begins with identifying the top 3 derailers to the teams performance.


The Group EQi profiles team-level implications of their emotional intelligence while providing anonymity to any individuals’ results.

The Team Debrief enables discussion around team-level implications of emotional intelligence for laser focused development toward greater team success in collaboration, innovation and communication.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

2-day workshops are customized for the most impactful outcomes in emotional intelligence development.


Highly interactive to bring the best out of each person and immediately impact their emotional intelligence journey.

Whether you are focused on Building a Dynamic Team and expanding on the learnings from the Group EQi Assessment, or you are interested in bringing emotional intelligence to your entire organization.