Why emotional intelligence?

I like simple and straight forward, so here it is.

Since age 11 I've been in leadership roles. Some very clearly defined with a title, others implied, others self-identified. Whether those roles were leading myself, or leading others, each of them required emotional intelligence skills. It wasn't until I was 24 that I truly understood just how much, and that's when the tables began to turn.

I used to lead with my IQ believing that what people needed was my brain power, my intellect.

More often than not, what people truly needed from me was for me to show up authentically, for me to mentor and guide them, for me to listen to truly understand, for me to dig deep into our relationship with compassion, for me to maintain flexibility while asserting my thoughts and beliefs, for me to consider all perspectives fairly, for me to set aside my emotions while deciding the next course of action, for me to lead through change with insight, for me to create spaces for innovation and learning.

What is demanded by those we lead, is our EQ - and when I took the time to develop those skills, my personal talent quotient (TQ) grew exponentially. This has led to my personal brand:


There is no place that this is more evident than in leadership.

I build Emotionally Intelligent Organizations because I am an advocate for emotionally intelligent leadership that paves the way for organizations that are human first, human centered, human focused.

I am focused on emotionally intelligent organizations with an infiltration:

  • Executive EQ 360 Coaching and Development

  • lEQdership - Leadership Excellence through Emotional Intelligence

  • Me, Myself and EQ - Individual EQ development for Team Excellence

  • Workshops

  • Consultation with HR Departments for process improvements to recruitment, selection, on-boarding, training, performance management, succession planning and promotions.

Your performance outcomes and bottom-line never looked so good.



I can only be me.

You can only be you.

And this is how each of us steps into the wholeness and power of who we are.

I behave with exceptional constancy, fairly and morally.

I am transparent in my approach and my actions.


All good things are at the end of a question and my curiosity fuels my love of learning.

Self discovery has brought me the most joy and fulfillment. 

Curiosity is and always will be what keeps stories from interfering with finding the truth.


Challenging the status quo is done on the other side of fear - that's where all of the good stuff lives.

Fear is an emotional experience that can often get the better of us and so I've learned, through practice, to lean into it.

Courage comes from looking into the past, at all of life’s experiences, and understanding how the past shows up today.


I learned the art of self-discipline from my grandfather, Guido. His example confirmed that taking care of myself first is the only way to be fully and completely there for others. Fitness, exercise, mindfulness, and connection fuel me to be the best I can be for you.



As I speak with Jeff Baietto, of InJoy Success podcast, on The Alchemy of Emotional Intelligence.

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Certified EQi-2.0 & 360 practitioner, MHS

Certified Coach Practitioner, CCF

Managing people since 1998.

Training leaders since 2004.

16 years experience in Learning and Development.

Certified Trainer: Crucial Accountability, Vital Smarts

Certificate in Adult Learning, Specialization in eLearning, University of Calgary

BSc, Honours Kinesiology, Laurentian Uni.

Code of Ethics

Working with me means operating with someone you trust.

Someone who lives their values, unflinchingly.

This is my code of ethics.