TRANSFORMATION SPECIALIST through Emotional Intelligence

EQi-Coach, Speaker, Consultant

I'm a Builder by nature; trailblazing in order to achieve the desired outcome toward evolution.

Emotional Intelligence is a remarkable foundation toward organizational, group, and individual success. It is the basis for 3 key features:

  1. Optimum performance leveraging talents and IQ

  2. Well-being and happiness eloquently managing stress and change

  3. Social and emotional functioning capitalizing on the power of relationships

Companies call me when they want to:

​Transform their culture and solve the biggest HR problems: attracting and retaining top talent, employee engagement, leadership development, and adaptability to change.

Improve team dynamics by dismantling behaviours that are derailing their success and strengthen interpersonal relationships leading to strong collaboration, innovation in problem solving, creativity, and team agility to change.

Identify and develop future leaders for succession planning; allowing individuals to step into leadership roles primed for success.

Individuals call on me when they want to:

​Grow self-awareness and self-management skills that enable a greater knowing of their strengths and weaknesses, optimizing their talents to live their strongest and most successful life.

​I am an alchemist; increasing your emotional intelligence in order to transform your thoughts and beliefs so that you can evolve the behaviours that result in the highest level of personal and professional success. I do this by synthesizing my career in Learning and Development (16 years), my success in leading people and training other leaders (20 years), and my passion for personal development to stay educated and service my clients at the highest level possible. This allows me to curate the perfect blend of solutions for the organization, team or individual.


The formula is simple…IQ+EQ=TQ.


BSc. Honours Kinesiology

Laurentian University

Managing people since 1998.

Training leaders since 2004.

16 years experience in Learning and Development.

Certificate in Adult Learning Specializing in eLearning

University of Calgary

MHFA - Mental Health First Aid. Trained to provide mental health first aid. 

Certified EQi practitioner

MHS - Multi Health Systems

Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP)

Certified Coaches Federation

Certified Trainer: Crucial Accountability

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