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Helping Executives, Leaders, and Organizations leverage the power of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the intersection where cognition and emotion meet.

It makes possible your capacity for resilience, motivation, empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, and your ability to read and navigate a wide range of social situations.

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"Emotional intelligence isn't about sitting around holding hands and singing Kumbaya. These are not soft skills in that they are easy to learn and execute. It is often the opposite. These skills challenge the most intellectual because they require shifting mindset, perspective, and creating standard deviation to our tendencies. These human skills assist us in the most difficult and challenging of situations, to soften the emotional experience, that left unattended, drives us to disruptive behaviours. Emotional intelligence skills enable us to keep our IQ turned on so that we can navigate the situation at hand without being driven by fear, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, blame, guilt, resentment, or anger."

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I am a certified Coach, certified EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence practitioner, facilitator, and speaker with 20+ years professional experience in Coaching, Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence.

What is meaningful to me is engaging with professionals and organizations that see themselves at that next level, that better place within themselves, who want to be and become comfortable and confident in their emotions, and who strive to elevate the culture of the workplace they are part of, as they reach for excellence (individually and as a group).

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Understanding WHAT emotional intelligence is, is only part of the equation. Identifying where your skills lie, and don't, is the other.

The EQi-2.0 is the most valid and reliable Emotional Intelligence assessment available. It measures exactly what it says it measures - your Emotion Quotient.


Leadership, 360, and Workplace EQ assessments provide insights into real time emotional intelligence skill proficiency and development opportunities.


The best people, teams, and organizations.

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