Why emotional intelligence?

I like simple and straight forward, so here it is.

Since age 11 I've been in leadership roles. Some very clearly defined with a title, others implied, others self-identified. Whether those roles were leading myself, or leading others, each of them required emotional intelligence skills. It wasn't until I was 24 that I truly understood just how much, and that's when the tables began to turn.

I used to lead with my IQ believing that what people needed was my brain power, my intellect.

More often than not, what people truly needed from me was for me to show up authentically, for me to mentor and guide them, for me to listen to truly understand, for me to dig deep into our relationship with compassion, for me to maintain flexibility while asserting my thoughts and beliefs, for me to consider all perspectives fairly, for me to set aside my emotions while deciding the next course of action, for me to lead through change with insight, for me to create spaces for innovation and learning.

What is demanded by those we lead, is our EQ - and when I took the time to develop those skills, my personal talent quotient (TQ) grew exponentially.


There is no place that this is more evident than in leadership.

Leadership Excellence occurs through Emotional Intelligence.

Personal leadership.

Professional leadership.

Executive leadership.

I am an advocate for emotionally intelligent leadership that paves the way for organizations that are human first, human centered, human focused.

As the founder of my personal brand, IQ+EQ=TQ, and no nonsense approach to 1:1 coaching, my signature programs lEQdership and Me, Myself and EQ, I am focused on developing EQ to improve workplace well-being, decrease employee turnover, and increase leadership performance outcomes, that drive bottom line business results.


As I speak with Jeff Baietto of InJoy Success podcast on The Alchemy of Emotional Intelligence.

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