One of the best opportunities for continued development is a lunch and learn series.

One and done isn’t as effective as returning events around a singular theme.

Layering the learning helps to absorb in chunks, apply for stickiness, and make sure any lingering questions after application are answered.


This series begins with Stress Management.

Then adds the layer of Emotional Self-Awareness.

Then evolves by adding skills in Emotional Expression.

Then transforms those skills into the Importance of Balance in using Empathy and Assertiveness.

Each session is 60 minutes and includes a combination of learning content, exercises for application and depth in the learning, open discussion around specific examples in the workplace, and Q&A.


  • This series is run by ZOOM. 4-45 minute Weekly Sessions. 

    There is no CAP to the series participation.

    Once purchased by a company, the link will be provided to the purchaser for distribution within the company.

    Scheduling will occur with the purchaser.

    Please include your contact details upon purchase - Full Name, Company, email contact information.