Social Responsibility is an Emotional Intelligence Skill Too

Under the EQ-i 2.0 model, Social Responsibility is an emotional intelligence skill within the Interpersonal Realm.

It is defined as willingly contributing to society, to one's social groups, and generally to the welfare of others. It involves acting responsibly, having social consciousness, and showing concern for the greater community.

When developed, one acts in a responsible manner even though one may not benefit from it by doing things for others, by acting in accordance with your conscience, by upholding social rules, and by accepting others.

When under-developed, one may entertain antisocial attitudes, act abusively toward others, take advantage of others.

This EI skill involves morality. Anyone can have high IQ - it's a matter of luck (so to speak). But high EQ cannot be attained by just anyone. And especially won't be attained by those with questionable morals.

Society has provided us with fantastic examples of individuals with high Social Responsibility...

· Mother Teresa

· Princess Diana of Wales

· Ghandi

· Eleanor Roosevelt

· Bill and Melinda Gates

· Nelson Mandela

· Malala Yousafzai

This EI skill relates to 3 others:

1. Self-Actualization

2. Interpersonal Relationships

3. Empathy

Being successful is not a solo endeavour; it requires the involvement of contributing within a social group. When doing this, real meaning is brought into your life…and into the life of others. A great analogy is embarking on activities that fill the buckets of other people. Which, in turn, fills your own.

One way to analyze your skill set within social responsibility is to scan how involved you are in things that you do not personally benefit from (aside from it making you feel great!).

- Community organizations?

- Political parties?

- Charitable events?

- Volunteering?

Aside from the above types of activities, what role do you play? Are you a support person? An organizer? An in the shadows contributor? Do you get your hands dirty? Do you donate?

There are varying levels of social responsibility and it can be very easy to grow your skills in this arena.

Step 1

Consider how willing you are to expand your horizons and experiences. (Self-Actualization)

Take a small risk and make an oath to leverage your willingness to grow as a person by giving to others.

You do NOT need to become Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela to be social responsible. The smallest of deeds for the right intentions grows this skill set.

Step 2

Write down 5 things you could do that would be appreciated by someone else; an individual, an organization, a charity.

To help create your list, think of companies and events that happen in your city…even your neighbourhood.

Are you close to a food bank? Donation center? Retirement community? Recreation center? Conservation area?

Here are some options to get the ideas flowing:

1. Organize a neighbourhood food collection or clothing donation. Handmade signs posted around your neighbourhood can announce the 1-day event (address, date, time, purpose). Provide boxes or plastic bins for people to drop their food donations in or keep the trunk of your car open and people can FILL YOUR VEHICLE! Get the tunes pumping and serve some coffee!

2. Visit a local retirement community and inquire about volunteering your time to spend with residents. A small amount of time every week to play board games, have conversation, go for a walk will mean the world to them. If you have children…get them involved!

3. Outdoor clean up. Get your friends and family together, some gloves and garbage bags, and get to cleaning up your local park!

Step 3

Choose the 3 most important of your 5 things above and decide when you will do each of these things.

Should you be feeling inspired…do all 5!

Beside each of your chosen activities, write why this is important to you, and how you think the recipients will feel having received your time or your donation. (Empathy)

Step 4

Reach out to friends and family for their involvement. The more hands, the more impact! (Interpersonal Relationships)

Social Responsibility is one of the emotional intelligence skills that truly is invigorating! By growing this area, you will develop a more well-rounded approach to life; one that has a stronger focus on the outward looking approach to life.

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