If You Couldn't Be 'Fired'...What Would You Do?

I’m willing to bet – a lot.

Fear runs a lot of our decision making ‘power’. It stops us from behaving in ways that we want to behave and instead, submits us into saying and doing things we believe are safer.

The truth is, by hiding behind fear, you risk all your safety. Here’s why.

FEAR is an emotional state; one of the 6 core emotions, and when referring to Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, fear branches to terror, apprehension, and isolation. By expanding our vocabulary, we can now explain why safety is at risk when hiding behind fear.

Especially with your boss.

So, if you’re afraid of being fired, you’re more likely to steer clear from doing the following with your boss:

- Disagreeing

- Arguing

- Confronting

- Holding accountable

- Challenging

- Questioning

- Being truthful

- Being vulnerable

- Being trusting

And yet, demonstrating ALL the above establishes a much more solid circle of safety because it promotes deep connection, deep understanding, and deep servitude – to each other.

Not to mention, on the other side of fear is all the GREAT STUFF!!

I’m 100% serious.

Think about the last time you did something that you were initially afraid of or fearful of.

After taking the leap and doing it, was there an emotional, spiritual, physical, mental payoff greater than the fear?

As long as you’re reading this…which means you didn’t die…your answer is likely “Yes. There was something great on the other side of fear. There was something that came out of that experience that gave me more than I expected to gain.”

And perhaps, what you feared the most, didn't actually happen.

Here’s the lesson I’d like to offer.

Fear is an important core emotion. Just like happy, sad, surprise, anger, disgust. It has a purpose.

For every person, the purpose of your fear, is as individualized as you are. The goal is to figure out the source of your fear and harness its power toward action.


It’s going to be amazing once you do.

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