Emotional Quotient

EQ - emotional quotient - is not a trend. It's not a 'hey let's see if we can make something of this' fad. It's not here today and gone tomorrow. Emotional Quotient, or Emotional Intelligence has been around since the 1980's when Dr. Reuven Bar-On began his work in the field.

Why is this important? Quite simply, because things that have roots, and research that continues to support it's foundation, gives confidence in it's efficacy to change our lives. And change (or growth or development or purpose) is what most of us are seeking, searching, wishing, hoping, working, for.

Different than IQ (our apptitude for intelligence peaks when we are 18) and personality (traits that are solidified by the time we are 5 years old), EQ can be developed well into our 60s. That is, if you want to. Just like anything, if you want it, you can have it. A growth mindset is required to grow your emotional intelligence and reap the benefits of doing so.

And what exactly are those benefits?

Well being

Emotional functioning

Social functioning


I know you know people or meet people and you just 'feel' their well-being. Their happiness. Their fulfillment. They have 'it'. And beyond calling it 'it', we can't put our fingers on a further definition. Or can we?

Of course we can.

Emotional and social functioning is all about handling, dealing with, understanding, and interacting at optimal levels of success with our emotions and others emotions. Doing so gives us relationships that are mutually satisfying and beneficial.

Individuals with high EQ and moderate IQ outperform their counterparts with high IQ and moderate EQ every. single. time. It's the j'ne sais quoi that elevates performance beyond IQ and accounts for great success that cannot be achieved based on intelligence alone. Remember the highschool or university students that accomplished perfect scores but failed to achieve greatness in life? Low EQ. Or the moderately successful student who absolutely rocked life? High EQ.

As an EQ practitioner, I cannot say enough about investing in your Emotional Intelligence: for life. Whatever facet you need help in - work, relationships, parenting, community, and more. This is the piece to the puzzle you may be overlooking. I'm here to help.

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