A Management Philosophy

The Management Philosophy. In many leadership programs and management courses, there exists an activity to write your management philosophy and then share this with the people you will manage and/or lead.

NOTE: I use 'manage and/or lead' because I believe that some, but not all Managers are also Leaders. And some, but not all Leaders, are also Managers.

I believe this to be an activity that is often a 'go through the motions' type of activity. And I believe this because there is never enough time dedicated to the process of developing a management philosophy that resonates truly with who you are and what you believe and how you operate. This process of writing and refining a management philosophy takes time and evolution.

From the beginning months as a Manager, your concerns may be of your deadlines and deliverables, and any thoughts of your philosophy may be one of vague and popular descriptors. "I promise to be the best manager possible and to make sure we are all successful."

There's a fundamental error here...this type of management philosophy fails to tell the world, or at least those you manage/lead, the core belief(s) that are the foundation to all of the decisions you will make. And a 1 hour activity within a management or leadership development program will not be enough time to figure that out and put it into words.

Self-reflection, 360 reviews, personal growth and development, and truly knowing thyself is the only way to accurately, and with integrity, write a management philosophy that every person you lead will know to be true. It has taken me over 10 years of leading people to have finally landed on my truest Management Philosophy (there have been several versions leading to this one).

"Take care of the person first. And the business second."

My philosophy is this:

You, the individual, is most important to me.What you want your life to be, and how much of that you can share with me, allows me to truly take care of you and support you in achieving it.Only then, when you know, to YOUR core, that this is my priority, can we, together, take care of the business.

I ask all Managers and Leaders to rise to the challenge of exploring your personal depths to navigate to your truth and find your Management Philosophy. And when you do, to share this openly and often with your people.

More importantly, to act it in every way, every day.

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