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How I Help Individuals 

Shu/ha/ri is a Japanese martial art concept which describes the stages of learning to mastery.

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The Fundamentals in

Emotional Intelligence

The fundamentals in emotional intelligence are Emotional Self Awareness and Regulation.

We work together on key EQ skills to lay the foundation for greater understanding of your emotions, your triggers, your values and beliefs, your personality, what's meaningful and important to you, and how to regulate your emotions so that you have a greater sense of well-being and balance.


20 sessions


New Growth


Maturity in

Emotional Intelligence

Maturity in emotional intelligence skills moves beyond the fundamentals and into challenging behaviours to be consistent across all situations, environments, and people.

Specific EQ skill development in empathy and assertiveness, independence and personal responsibility, decision making, impulse control, and adaptation leads to greater levels of personal performance in all lifeplaces: work, personal, hobbies, and more.

35 sessions


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Mastery in

Emotional Intelligence

Mastery is the result of consistent effort over time; challenging the self to grow beyond the comfort zone of yesterday.

This is an evolution of the self, with mastery in the 5 realms and 15 skills of emotional intelligence.

Transformation results in a life by design with purpose and meaning at its center. EQ skills become integrated into the self as simply part of who and how you are.

52 sessions


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Check out the EVENTS tab for Courses, Webinars, and The 30-Day Challenge.


These are opportunities for learning in a social environment, with and from others, while being guided by me into, and through, the content of emotional intelligence and it's applications to you and your life!


This opportunity has allowed me to take a good hard look at myself and work on myself so that I can have greater levels of confidence. I learned that it’s important for me to work toward a greater level of well-being because that is directly related to my confidence. When I’m confident, I am just better all around. During the coaching sessions I learned exercises to do that which helped me to further understand myself, my emotions, and how those were influencing my performance. I’ve been able to apply strategies on the job that have had positive results; dropping pre-conceived emotions that were getting in the way of problem solving and dialogue. I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to do these much better; before I would get stuck. This has been a great investment of my time.

Tim Courvoisier | Senior Executive | North America Construction

I work in a performance-based job where the decisions of my team and myself directly impact the profitability of my company. After years of running a successful business, I found myself constantly reminding my team of the value of investing in yourself.

Reading, podcasts, seminars and courses were already part of my routine so I wanted to work with a professional who wouldn’t tip toe around but instead challenge me to build my emotional intelligence.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to work with Teresa, whether it be work performance, personal and family growth or social events, emotional intelligence has had such an important role in my personal development, my professional success, and my future goals.

Wes Bilinsky | Fitness Manager | GoodLife Fitness

As I sit at my desk fielding many emails, texts, and calls with all my thoughts and responsibilities spinning, I am calm in the eye of this storm.  I have been working on myself in earnest for many years, though at some points more intentionally than others.  However, as my awareness of my inner calm is growing exponentially, I feel compelled to explore the why & the how.  Largely because I have been at this for many years, but seemingly suddenly, I am experiencing the rewards of my 'inner work' as we have referred to this process in a deeper sense than ever before.  


As I ponder the questions of why & how my thoughts begin with the following litany of my efforts.  I've been meditating daily for 150 days as of today and I hit 250 sessions since last June, just this week. I have tried meditation before, managing to string together a few months of daily meditation, and although, it had helped in moments of real stress to pull away in solitude and "regroup", I haven’t been able to sustain this practice. I realize now there is a reason for that, but I'm jumping ahead. 


I have also journaled regularly at times in the past.  I have seen a therapist and done some deep work on issues that lingered from childhood, my divorce, my grief over the death of my brother and father, my relationships with family, etc. which helped but truly there was still something missing.  Something that impacted every decision, every relationship, and ultimately deeply impacted who I believed myself to be as an adult-being in this world. 


I had also explored the benefits of physical exercise, having worked with a trainer for over three years 3 times a week, and I had gotten my body stronger and reaped some of the mental health benefits, feeling better about my physical appearance, but still, there was something missing or I should say nagging at my soul, weighing me down.  


As I write this I am in tears because it is only in this exploration and this moment of documenting my heart's reflections that I can clearly see the truth.  As I sit here, aware of the knot in my throat, pausing to breathe and center myself before I continue, I know deep in my core for the very first time in my life that I am worthy. 


I do not need to seek approval, or affirmation. I believe and know it. 

AND THAT is the WHY. 


Teresa, YOU have exactly been, a support for me, a guide, a mirror, a confidante, a challenger, a listener, a heart, a head, a hand, and anything else that is needed and I am overcome with gratitude as the ripple effect is cascading into every relationship, every conversation, and inside all of me. It is the calm in the eye of every storm that comes my way.  Your wisdom, your deep awareness of the underlining causes for certain behaviors and the emotions that drive the self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors, and your ability to balance compassion with your gift of straight talk, have been the catalyst for my journey into the heart of what has been nagging at me all these years. 

You handed me the keys to my own internal kingdom.  I am forever changed by these past several months.


Wishing you a ten-fold return on all the lives you are changing, because you are truly doing the most incredible work.

 | 1:1 Client, Anonymity protected