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Wow, Teresa is amazing! I have sincere and deep gratitude and respect for Teresa’s coaching these past 6 months.

Teresa’s superpower was a combination of extracting my expressed and hidden EQ challenges, clarifying them with me, and then coaching me through the skills and practices needed to improve on them. A beautiful demonstration of EQ skills in practice. Her availability between appointments was not only generous, but also a catalyst in developing and reinforcing the new practices we were discussing to develop my EQ skills.

With a mid-career job change, I wanted to improve on some of my short comings and ensure success in my new role. Over the first 6-months, my discussions with Teresa spanned from my historic challenges as planned but also included assessing my current situation and even some of my day-to-day challenges as they came up. This all-encompassing discussion with someone of Teresa’s caliber was integral to my EQ skill development now and into the future as well as many of my early successes in my new role.  

Teresa’s tagline of IQ + EQ = TQ is so apt, I not only feel smarter but am perceived as smarter thanks to Teresa! Thanks-You!


Russell Ibbotson, P. Eng 

General Manager Central Canada - Preston Phipps Inc. 

Working with Teresa has been a transformative experience…… catapulting me into a level of self awareness that I cherish on the daily. Teresa has the unique and incredible blend of holding space, tapping into a deeper level of inquiry with a gentle firmness that creates deep insights and “a-ha” moments all the time for me! I love our work together and recommend her to anyone ready for both internal & external inquiry alongside a supportive coach to get you to your next level!



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I had the opportunity to meet Teresa over coffee and very soon I felt a strong environment of trust was being formed.  In a follow up session, I shared my Emotional Intelligence assessment that had been collecting dust for 2 years.  I had completed it but not really acted on a number of the recommendations that came with the report.  The questions she asked in the friendly, trusting environment allowed me to do a deep dive into my personal experiences.  I quickly realized that it is only when you share your experiences with someone as skilled in Emotional Intelligence coaching as Teresa, does meaningful change happen.

Through Teresa’s encouragement, I was able to debate some long-held thoughts and beliefs and discard / resolve them.  Also, I am more aware of my emotions, especially the ones that had been tripping me up in my career.

I am charting a new career path in the coming weeks.  With the coaching I received, and will continue to receive from Teresa, I have 100% confidence that I will do well and will add even greater value to my clients and the organization I will serve.


As I sit at my desk fielding many emails, texts, and calls with all my thoughts and responsibilities spinning, I am calm in the eye of this storm.  I have been working on myself in earnest for many years, though at some points more intentionally than others.  However, as my awareness of my inner calm is growing exponentially, I feel compelled to explore the why & the how.  I am experiencing the rewards of my 'inner work' as we have referred to this process in a deeper sense than ever before.

Teresa was that difference. A support, guide, mirror, confidante, challenger, listener, heart, head, hand, and anything else that is needed. I am overcome with gratitude as the ripple effect is cascading into every relationship, every conversation, and inside all of me.

Teresa's wisdom, deep awareness of the underlying causes for certain behaviors and the emotions that drive the self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors, and ability to balance compassion with the gift of straight talk, have been the catalyst for my journey into the heart of what has been nagging at me all these years. 

Teresa handed me the keys to my own internal kingdom.  I am forever changed by this past year.



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When our head of Human Resources, along with two members of our Executive Team, recommended we engage with Teresa Quinlan for Emotional Intelligence development, I didn’t know quite what to expect. Our first meeting with Teresa, brought a presentation on the ins and outs of emotional intelligence and its value to us as individuals, for the people we are leading, for our teams and the company.

In my first 1:1 session with Teresa, she asked for my goals, and set the stage for how we would go about, together, achieving those goals; through examination of my current behaviours, beliefs, habits, and use of my emotional information. Over the course of 3 months I have noticed some distinct results in both myself and in the Executive team.

First and foremost, I have become more emotionally stable and aware; I am more connected to my emotional triggers and am able to self-regulate at a greater level. I have been speaking up, using my skills in assertiveness, and contributing in a more sophisticated and influential way while also learning to balance that with my skills in empathy and seeking greater understanding in others – their emotions and beliefs.

Secondly, as a group of Executives, our meetings have become a lot easier to have. Individuals have stopped yelling and behaving poorly, others have learned to communicate more clearly and appropriately. We have been able to accomplish more in less time, with greater outcomes, and improved relationships.



Teresa, I wanted to thank you for our work together this past year and share how much it has helped me. I'd like to expand on two aspects of your coaching: your materials/tools, and the skill and care with which you employ them.


First, the materials and curriculum you employed, drew from a ton of sources to really zero in on the issues I was working on. I appreciated both the breadth of your knowledge background and your facility in adapting that to me and my journey. As a trained researcher, I value how you worked with metrics, perspectives, and journal prompts as tools rather than answers. It was refreshing that you introduced each as a way of uncovering part of the journey, or support for an aspect of the work to be done as opposed to a one-side-fits-all way to figure it all out. I have struggled to keep up with the journaling and sometimes catch myself in thought patterns that don't serve me but the tools you gave me help to ground me and bring me back to what I learned in our work together. Teresa, your ability to bring tools and perspectives together to create a lasting framework for growth is so powerful.


The second aspect that made our work together so transformative was YOU! Your caring skill in listening deeply, your dedication to my growth, your gentle challenging, and your warmth through all of it was amazing. When I was anxious and tearfully talked in circles, your calm and careful questions helped me pause, sit with my feelings, and no longer be stuck in them. When I made excuses and led our convo astray to avoid the hard work, you were caring but firm in bringing me back to the work I'd set out to do. Your deep listening, which seems to be the foundation of your coaching, was immensely impactful. Sometimes you would offer a word, a paraphrase of something I'd said, and I would hear what I needed to break through. Because of our work together I have learned to listen to, and trust, my inner voice in ways that have allowed me to grow personally and professionally.


I'm so thankful to have had the chance to work with you. You've been an important resource on my journey. “Thanks” is really too small a word.


Amy Dexter | 1-on-1 Client

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