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The Bill Perry Show: Developing Emotional Intelligence

The Success Chronicles with Chip Baker: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

The Balance of Empathy and Assertiveness

Social Selling Simplified: Playing In Your Arena of Strengths

The Nishant Garg Show: Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, and some Mindfulness

InJoy Success: The Alchemist of Emotional Intelligence

TeleCastPH Ep. 22: EQ For Leadership And Customer Support

E1B2: Empathy is not Agreeing, It’s Understanding

Getting Unstuck: Educators Leading Change

In the Growth Space: Building Company Growth with Emotional Intelligence

CEOforLife Experience: Test your EQ

Life Altering Events

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"I just listened to Teresa Quinlan on The Nishant Garg Show, and it was truly life altering."

Cordelia Gaffar,Founder, Replenish Me

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HumansFirst Club is a global group of leaders, influencers and collaborators voluntarily sharing a mission to inspire positive change, fueling growth, maturity and sustainability through stories, experiences and open-dialog.

This inspiring consortium is centered on an exceptional belief in human capacity and potential.

This book is my love letter to the HumansFirst community. It is a compilation of stories from fellow HumansFirst members answering the question "How has HumansFirst impacted you?" We share this to offer hope, that together, we are better.

This book is available for order on paperback and kindle via Amazon.